Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Make Your Voice Heard! Help KSU Plan for the Future!

Kennesaw State University is kicking off its Comprehensive Master Plan, which will guide future development of buildings and open space for years to come. This is a very exciting opportunity for the University, and we want your vision to be a part of KSU’s future. This survey allows you to pick your favorite spots on campus and provide feedback on improvements you'd like to see! The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and closes on November 13th.

Let your voice be heard:  http://ksu.comap.dumontjanks.com/

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

Whether you have taken all of your finals or they are around the corner, it is understandable that students get anxious and stressed during finals time. Sometimes we forget to take a breather and take some time to release stress in a healthy manner. While going to the gym, listening to soothing music, and meditating are great ways to relax, others may not realize that spreading kindness towards oneself and others can be a great method of healthy de-stressing. How? An example would be giving someone a nice, genuine compliment. Not only did you make someone’s day, but it made you feel good knowing you were the reason behind their smile and gratitude. Once you feel good, you are motivated to continue doing good deeds with optimism and hard work. So what are some other gestures of kindness that are sure to make another person’s day?

1.    Hold the door open for someone.
2.    Offer to carry someone’s groceries to their room or car.
3.    If someone is looking lost or confused on campus (it may be a parent or an upcoming student), ask them if they need help or directions.
4.    Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile and ask how they’re doing. Chances are, they are feeling stressed and need a friend to cheer them up.
5.    Remember peoples’ names! There is no better sound than having your own name being called.
6.    Offer to babysit a dog or a kid for a busy person for free.
7.    Be on time to important meetings and dates. Whether you have a meeting with a boss or meeting a friend at the mall, being on time tells the person they are worthy of your time and commitment.
8.    Compliment a random stranger. Spread the love.
9.    Listen to people when they talk. I know this one is obvious, but when you are listening to the person you are talking to, a level of trust is created.
10. Surprise a sick friend with a nice-cooked meal or a small “Get Well Soon” gift.
11.  Offer to tutor a friend who is struggling in a class.

12.  Tell the important people in your life that you appreciate them. We get so caught up with our hectic schedules and chores that we sometimes forget to show our dear ones how much we appreciate their significance in our lives. By doing this small gesture, friendships and connections are bound to last.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

8 Apps You Need to Succeed in College

    1. Venmo
Venmo is a great app to transfer money, share payments, or send money for free. If you owe a friend money, here’s a great way to pay them back!

    2.   SleepCycle
Sleep cycle tracks your sleep patterns. When you set an alarm, it will wake you up during light sleep. This is a great app to ensure that you are well rested and ready for class.

    3.   7-Minute Workout
This app is great for students with busy schedules and limited time for exercise. Take a 7 minute break and exercise any time during the day. It is easy to fit this workout in between your classes, work, and whatever other tasks you have planned for your day.

    4. IntelliDrink
IntelliDrink is great for college students who love to enjoy a drink from time to time. By inputting the amount of drinks you have consumed and when, IntelliDrink will help calculate your blood-alcohol content. 

    5.   SavingStar
SavingStar is a great app for college students on a budget. Start saving money by utilizing various coupons your daily necessities.

    6.   GasBuddy
GasBuddy is a great app to help you find the nearest gas station with the cheapest prices. With gas prices fluctuating so much lately, this app is sure to help you!

    7.   Fantastical
Fantastical is a great app for students who have a hard time staying organized. Use this app to input your daily tasks and organize a schedule.

    8.   MyFitnessPal
MyFitnessPal is an app dedicated to helping an individual stay healthy and reach their goals. By inputting the foods that were consumed throughout your day, this app will calculate the amount of calories that were consumed. You can also include your weight goals, and MyFitnessPal will modify the amount of calories and nutrients that need to be consumed throughout a day.

Friday, June 26, 2015

How To Make Your Move Out More Efficient

 Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials.
Chances are, you’ll be too tired to unpack your things. You’ll want your essentials within easy access, including a change of clothes if you’re going back to work the next day as well as all your toiletries. It’s also a great way to transport a laptop, which could run the risk of getting stolen during a move.

Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic bin.
This includes things like a box cutter, paper towels, trash bags, eating utensils, select cookware, power strips, phone chargers, toilet paper, tools, etc. The clear bin allows you to see inside; it also separates itself from the myriad of cardboard boxes.
 Wrap your breakables (dishes, glasses, etc.) in clothing to save on bubble wrap.
Two birds, one stone: You’re packing your clothes and kitchenware at the same time.

For extra padding, pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks.

 Keep drawers intact by covering them with Press’n Seal.

Dresser drawers are like their own moving boxes — this will keep you from having to unpack and refold their contents.
It’ll also make moving the actual dresser much more manageable. ( Unless the dresser belongs to housing then even if you wrap it you can't take it with you.)
 Press’n Seal is also great for keeping jewelry displays intact.

Keep sandwich bags handy for holding any small parts of things you have to take apart, like curtain rods or mounted flat-screen TVs.

Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.

Cut down on boxes by making all of your baskets, laundry bins, hampers, and suitcases work for you.

 Pack them with stuff! Use the wheeled suitcases for heavy things like books.

 The fastest way to pack a closet:
Put a garbage bag around your clothes so that stay together and on the hanger during transition!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

5 Summer Student Musts!

Staying at school during summer semester? Summer tips for college students staying on campus!
5 social “must-dos”
1.   Find someone you know or meet someone new. This doesn’t mean that you have to become besties with the girl next door, but at least you’ll have a buddy to hang with during the summer months.
2.   Experience local culture. If campus seems dead, head into the nearest city or town. Take advice from Megan Rogers and her April 08, 2011, post in USA Today College titled “Summer: The perfect time to stay at school.” According to Rogers, “You can have fun in a huge city with a stellar internship. But you can have just as much fun in a tiny college town with the right attitude.”
3.   Get active. Fitness or rec centers usually offer a small number of intramural activities during the summer. So get on a team—it’s a great way to keep fit while meeting new people!
4.   Head to the pool. Now that you have a great physique (thanks to intramural basketball), you’re ready to show some skin! There are many public pools in the area. Not only is this a great way to relax, it’s a great (mostly FREE!) social opportunity. Isn’t that the guy you sat next to in Chem 101 over there?
5.   Find a job. Don’t overlook the social factor of working during summer semester. Not only is this a great time to make some bank, a job can also help you connect with other students on campus.
5 work-related “must dos”
1.   Be on time, every time. In fact, try getting to work at least five minutes early every day. These few extra minutes can really impress your boss (and will definitely give you an advantage over the employees who are always sauntering in five minutes late!).
2.   Put your schoolwork first. If you are on campus for classes, don’t overbook yourself. Remember, your first priority should be your studies.
3.   Make time to relax. This is summer break after all, so be sure to include a few stress-free hours each day.
4.   Don’t spend all your hard-earned cash. Try to budget your money so you will have enough once fall semester is underway. Then, you won’t have to work as much when you are taking a full course load.

5.   Network. Even now, you should begin to see your employer as a possible reference. So make as many contacts as you can on the job—you never know what (or whom) the future might hold.